The Panther Tinder Guide is the Best one I’ve seen so Far after the Rhino Tinder Guide

There are lots of “how-to” guides on how to best utilize Tinder, but the best one I’ve found so far is the Panther Tinder Guide (click here to check it out). But read this review first! That one goes into all the dark and dirty tricks of how to really get a girl’s attention. What surprised me the most is that being a nice guy totally doesn’t work (or maybe that shouldn’t have surprised me at all huh?).

Also, some of the lines they started with completely blew me away…because they worked! I would have thought for sure these chicks got offended, but instead, it increased their interest. Why do women work that way? For some guys it comes so naturally and for some…awkwardness will forever be their lives haha. A really great place to make some money if you’re gonna get lucky is Cactus Casino!

Or the real question is, is it possible to change your stripes? Can you change the nature of your personality entirely? What is it that makes some guys do better with women than others. People always throw around the word “confidence”, but what does that even mean? And can you fake that at all? I really highly doubt it.

I think perhaps it’s possible that if you want something bad enough, you can get it. Or maybe that is true for every single thing on Earth EXCEPT women. I suppose that is the ultimate irony though right? Or maybe it’s the “winner takes all” mentality. Isn’t unfair that anyone with a ton of money ALSO gets all the women? What’s up with that? Also check out the Rhino Tinder Guide.

Someone whose life is a disaster also doesn’t get any women and someone who gets anything they want (that is material) gets all the women too?? I guess I’ll never understand it, but I would venture to say that Tinder is giving everyone more even odds for meeting the girl of their dreams.

It is amazing to me that there are so many hot women on Tinder. It’s pretty much impossible to meet someone these days I suppose. But I suppose that’s why the guys that wrote the Panther Tinder Guide did what they did. They are trying to encourage people to meet others and get in healthy relationships (or not..hehe). Either way though, I hope it works out for more people than it has for me.